DIY Watercolor with Wine Kit


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Here are more specifics on how to create your own paint and sip fun.

  1. Get a group together (I’d start on the small side), pick a few dates.
  2. Find a meeting place…
    • That has enough table space for each person to have at least three feet of workspace.
    • Where water and paint won’t harm anything – or else put plastic tablecloths on the table and under it.
  3. Get your supplies together, and my suggested supplies can be found in Watercolor Flower Bouquet – Supplies and Resources.  Each individual will need
    • A couple of brushes
    • A palette
    • Paper
    • Paint
    • A water bucket
  4. Take advantage of the group to buy and share. For example, you could buy one set of paint and fill up everyone’s palette. Some good sources for art supplies are,, or supplies.
  5. Have a laptop available with a large enough screen that the group will be able to see.
  6. Start your group watercolor painting lessons with “Watercolor Floral Bouquet” [this link will give you 50% off the regular price of the class] if you’re just beginning or “Simple & Stunning Watercolor Techniques” if you’ve had beginning watercolor previously. The classes are divided into about six lessons of 2o minutes to half hour, and you can rewind, replay, skip — as much as you want. Each time you meet as a group, you can play one or two lessons and then paint.
  7. Craftsy’s interface will let you post questions, which I will gladly answer for you — it’s not instantaneous, so you may not get the answers during your group session, but you will get them within a day or two.
  8. Please leave comments if you try this out either here or on

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