Christmas (Card) Tree

On about December 20th, I was still trying to complete and print my Christmas card, which I look forward to painting and sending every year.

Because I was up against the clock, I used a drawing that I had already created and thought about quite a bit because it was part of a lesson on composition in my Craftsy class, “Simple & Stunning Watercolor Techniques.”

Here’s an excerpt from the class, which explains my thought process for the painting.

For the Christmas card, shown below, I decided that I did not want the traditional winter scene colors of ultramarine or cobalt blue and sienna. I wanted to play with unrealistic color. I also decided that line was such a big part of the image that I used ink – I knew it would also help me finish the painting more quickly (not the best motive, perhaps, but time was of the essence).

watercolor & ink paintingMy

“Welcome Yule”

The painting is 15” x 11” on Arches hot press 300 lb paper. For the watercolor, I mainly use Holbein, though I have some favorites from other brands.

I intend to return to this tree and paint it again. Not just the winter version, but I have the same tree featured in summer and fall, with gorgeous light and color. Not sure yet what my treatment (or treatments) will be; I’ll post again when I do more work on this subject.

Happy new year.