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It’s Thursday at Wiawaka. Tomorrow the show opens, so the artists in residence are highly productive today, working to finish pieces for the show.

For my part, I switched from the painstaking, careful drawing and dry brush painting of the birdbath to the biggest brush I brought and some quick landscapes, which started with this one. Fairly representational (the day was atmospheric with humidity and the hint we might get a storm, so the mountains had a soft, misty profile and colors all around me were subdued).painting lake george blue green

I liked the scene, and I liked the feel of painting in quick strokes with my big flat, so I thought I’d repeat the same scene but play with color.painting lake george sienna

And then take it yet another step….painting lake george magenta

The last one I won’t share with you. It was an abstraction that went awry.

My other work of the day was an illustration of one of the “Birch Women” here at Wiawaka, ceramic statues of Birch Girl, Birch Woman and Birch Elder who represent the spirit of women, wellness and camaraderie that typify Wiawaka. I hope to draw the other two before I leave. This is Birch Girl. painting birch girl

Tomorrow – the art show and the artists.